Rock 'n' Kids Staff

Jamie Puffpaff
Jamie Puffpaff, Creator and Owner 

Jamie Puffpaff created Rock 'n' Kids in 1995 as a way to give young children a way to exercise their creativity, their minds, and their bodies! Passionate about early childhood education, Jamie enjoys creating new curriculum and staying educated on current educational trends. Jamie enjoys entertaining, spending time at the beach, and playing with her grandchildren!

Miss Laura
Miss Laura, Office Manager, Instructor and Party Entertainer 

Miss Laura has been teaching for Rock 'n' Kids since 2001! She loves her student's imaginations and sense of humor. She also loves the joy they have when they accomplish something new! Miss Laura enjoys singing, reading, doing puzzles and crafts, traveling and hiking. 

Miss Mari
Miss Mari, Instructor and Party Entertainer 

2001 is when Miss Mari began rockin' with Rock 'n' Kids! She also practices real estate, works as a neighborhood ambassador, is active in her church, and teachers and performs belly dance. She loves working with children and appreciates their honesty and love of learning through play! 

Mr Rich
Mr. Rich, Instructor

Mr. Rich began teaching with Rock 'n' Kids in 2012. His favorite thing about teaching is watching his students do things like walk, run, and jump for the first time! Mr. Rich is an avid Star Wars and WWE fan. He also enjoys playing video games and has multiple arcade cabinets in his game room. Mr. Rich also loves playing with his dogs! 

Miss Diana
 Miss Diana, Instructor and Office Assistant

A Rock 'n' Kids instructor since 2009, Miss Diana loves watching her students learn and grow! She also enjoys building relationships building relationships with her families! When she's not teaching, Miss Diana spends time with her family, and loves cooking, baking, and being a Cub Scouts den leader. 

Miss Damita
Miss Damita, Instructor

Miss Damita joined the Rock 'n' Kids team in 2018 because she loves the smiles, laughter, and endless curiosity of children! Miss Damita loves to write, dance, and sing, and has a passion for travel, history and storytelling. Damita is motivated by the unbridled joy her students express in everything they do! 

Miss Lis
Miss Lis, Instructor

Miss Lis came back to Rock 'n' Kids in 2018 after a teaching hiatus. Passionate about early childhood, Miss Lis loves her students' energy and watching them learn and grow over the course of a session! Miss Lis enjoys spending time with her family--especially her new granddaughter-- traveling, and playing pickle ball! 

Miss Janelle
Miss Janelle, Instructor and Party Entertainer 

In 2019, Miss Janelle joined the Rock 'n' Kids family! She is inspired by children's energy and unpredictability--they keep her on her toes! Miss Janelle loves Disney music and movies, going on adventures, and having dance parties in her kitchen with her husband and two young children! 

Miss Denise
Miss Denise, Instructor and Party Entertainer 

Miss Denise's background in singing, dancing and acting brought her to Rock 'n' Kids in 2021! She loves how playful and energetic young children are, and is inspired by watching their skills develop. When she's not teaching, Miss Denise enjoys spending time with her family, and her dogs!

Miss Jane
Miss Jane, Instructor

A former elementary school teacher, Miss Jane found a new love teaching Rock 'n' Kids classes in 2021! She enjoys her students' energy, enthusiasm and amazing personalities, and looks forward to every class! She stays busy at home with her four boys and all their sporting events! 

Miss Erin
Miss Erin, Instructor
Miss Erin loves being around kids of all ages, which is why she joined the Rock 'n' Kids team in 2021! With five children of her own, Miss Erin can be found reading, singing, and playing ukulele with them, when she's not teaching. Miss Erin also works as a remote mentor to middle school students. 


Miss Danille
Miss Danille, Instructor
Miss Danille joined Rock 'n' Kids in 2022 because she has an interest in early childhood education, and feels her students' joy is contagious! She believes she learns as much from them as they do from her! Miss Danille loves being outside,  and expressing her creativity through art.  


Miss Kayla
Miss Kayla, Instructor 
A big kid herself, Miss Kayla became a member of the Rock 'n' Kids family in 2022! Miss Kayla says young children are sweet and innocent, and she loves watching them try new things! Miss Kayla loves being outdoors and engaging in adventure sports like ATV riding, swimming and fishing.